Books and Monographs

These are listed from most recent to oldest and most of them may be viewed and downloaded full-text in PDF form from Google Books.  For downloads of journal articles, use this link or click "Other Publications" on the left-hand navigation bar.

Other news:

December 2017 -- Participated in the 7th ADB International Skills Conference in Manila.

 (With Myung Oh) Digital Development in Korea:  Lessons for a Sustainable World, 2nd ed. London: Routledge, 2020.

Telecommunications and Transformation in Korea:  A Personal Perspective, e-book available through Amazon KindleDirect program, published January 2012.


(With Myung Oh) Digital Development in Korea:  Building an Information Society. London: Routledge, 2011.

 (With Jai Ok Shim, Frederick F. Carriere and Horace H. Underwood) Fulbright in Korea's Future:  A 60th Anniversary Commemorative History, Korean-American Educational Commission (published by Seoul Selection), 2010.

 The Internet and Foreign Policy, Headline Series No. 325, New York:  The Foreign Policy Association, 2004.

(With Mel Gurtov and Robert R. Swartout, Jr.) Korea's Amazing Century:  From Kings to Satellites. Seoul:  Korea Fulbright Foundation and the Korean-American Educational Commission, 1996

 The Telecommunications Revolution in Korea, Hong Kong and New York:  Oxford University Press, 1995.

 (With Miquel de Moragas and Nancy K. Rivenburgh) Television in the Olympics. London:  John Libbey, 1995.

 (With Heung-Soo Park) Global Television and the Politics of the Seoul Olympics. Boulder, Colorado:  Westview Press, 1993.

  Global Television and Foreign Policy. Headline Series No. 283, Foreign Policy Association, New York, February 1988.

 Television's Window on the World:  International Affairs Coverage on the U.S. Networks. Norwood, New Jersey:  Ablex, 1984. 

January 15-28, 2017 -- Seconded to the ITU in Geneva to work with expert group on the impact of ICTs on the SDGs. 

August 18, 2016 --  Interview with the Korea IT Times Global News Network published.  The interview took place in my SUNY Korea office as pictured below. (Read the full interview at this link.)

August 2015 -- Became a member of the Expert Committee of SafeNet Forum, a Korean organization created in connection with the implementation and operation of nationwide public safety LTE networks.